SpiritBodyWork is a unique modality which teaches self-awareness and more authentic expression.  SpiritBodywork requires client participation through presence and dialogue with the practitioner.  The recipient lies unclothed under a sheet and the practitioner’s hands are placed on areas holding tension.  Words are carefully chosen to facilitate awarenessbody painting 1 and guide the session.  Touch provides access to what is held in the body and at the same time gives physical support for intense emotional states that may surface.  Trust and patience is earned over time.

If an intense state surfaces during a Jin Shin Jyutsu session, I will sometimes switch to SpiritBodywork without the need fbody painting 2or undressing, informing my client of the change.  The combination can be extremely powerful.

SpiritBodywork is helpful in a wide range of situations.  It is especially dynamic for trauma and PTSD, which often shows up as anxiety, insomnia, and/or indigestion.

For those with the strength for self-examination, SpiritBodywork can save a lot of time because the body shows us when we are trapped in self-deception.  It can make true and permanent changes in people’s lives.