Mary and the Bushmen

by Jade Chun  10/15/08
Published in the Main Central Newsletter, JSJ Inc. 

In July 2008 I had the great fortune to visit the Bushmen of the Kalahari in southern Africa with Dr. Bradford Keeney and his wife Mev, who have spent a great deal of time with them over the past 20 years.  I met Brad at a workshop last winter and when I saw footage of their loving faces and healing dance, I knew I must meet these people.  When Brad mentioned he was bringing ten people over to visit them, I signed up without knowing how I was going to pull it off.  The universe miraculously provided and it was the trip of a lifetime.  I fell in love with Africa, and I also fell more in love with Jin Shin Jyutsu than ever.Nom Kxaosi

The purpose of the visit was to experience their ‘Shaking Medicine’ and introduce us to their three most powerful women Shaman.  When we arrived we witnessed their style of greeting as they embraced and vibrated with Brad for a several minutes.  It was obvious they loved him as one of their own.  We soon found out they also consider him one of their most powerful healers. We were introduced as Brad’s “relations”, which gave us an unprecedented opportunity to see into their lives and spirituality.  We were privileged to participate in two of their healing dances, as well as have question and answer periods with a translator and time to mingle with the villagers.  As I observed this incredibly harmonious and loving culture, I saw that they were Jin Shin Jyutsu in action.

The doctors are called N/om Kxaosi (pronounced Nome Cow-see), which translates to “owners of love”.  This N/om, or love, is a healing force that has them shake and vibrate with ecstaBushmen Villagerssy, which is why it is called Shaking Medicine.  Highest level shamans heal through the pure vibration of love, and I believe Mary did the same.  Anyone who met Mary knows she was an “owner of love”!

The Bushmen are known to be the oldest culture on earth, they have been around more than 60,000 years and are still genetically pure.  They were “discovered” about 50 years ago-  most people know them from the movie “The Gods Must be Crazy”.  They are hunter/gatherers, living on and from the land in harmony with the plants, animals, and elements.  Their connection with spirit is constant, as was Mary’s (unencumbered communion with creator!).   No need for rattles, altars, or “power objects”.  They joke that if during a hunt they sat and prayed for an animal to come, they would be eaten by a lion.  Their prayers come in the form of gratitude for what they have.  This is Mary’s teaching- focus on the harmony!

Many years ago I visited the Scottsdale office for the first time.  I was struck by the austerity of the place… a carved hand holding a thumb the only clue to what is inside the humble brick walls, the uncluttered treatment rooms with cot and perhaps a plant….  From there I drove through Sedona on the way home and stopped in a healing center.  I peeked in a treatment room and saw dozens of crystals in an elaborate layout under the table, a bank of colored lights illuminating where the chakras would lie, a pyramid strategically located above…. I marveled at the contrast to what I had just experienced under Mary’s hands, the simplicity of love and touch.

Ah, which brings me to touch….  The Bushmen are alwBushmen kidsays smiling, dancing, touching.  Babies have constant contact- they are swaddled against mom’s body 24/7 for the first few years.  Kids are in puppy piles.  Adults lean against each other and huddle together.  Touch is an integral part of life, and I believe is a key to their harmony.  I saw no “5th D” there- no hidden intentions, so pure and clean.
Touch is also an integral part of their healing dance. The Bushmen have held these dances around an ironwood fire at least once a week for 60,000 years, continually unloading and harmonizing.  When there is strife or jealousy amongst the villagers, they don’t talk about it, they hold a dance!  The entire village participates, no one is left out including pregnant moms, kids, and the elderly.  I see Jin Shin Jyutsu having the same function- to continually bring us back to harmony, to our natural state.  It makes me smile when I hear people ask “how many sessions will it take?”.   I can’t imagine a Bushmen asking, “how many dances will it take?”.

Whenever we would arrive at the village, usually at an unplanned time, they would be dancing, music or not.  Their lifestyle has them continually moving.  Jin Shin Jyutsu says energy not moving is disharmonious.  Touch and movement harmonizes!  I realized that when there is harmony (our natural state), there is love- they are one and the same.  Bushmen faces are etched with this love, it is undeniable.  The big aha came from seeing that genuine love has us desire to SERVE…. It is not about “feeling good”, but has one feel it is imperative to share that love with others.  Boy, did Mary embody this.

The health of a Bushmen village is determined by the strength of its doctors.  How lucky for us to have been blessed with Mary!

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