Private sessions, consultation


a. How much does it cost?
b. What is a private session like?
c.  Consultation
d.  Intensives


a.  How much does it cost?
I charge $90.00 for a 60 minute session.

b.  What is  a private session like?  
I see pain and illness, whether physical, emotional or mental, as a doorway to your process, which when followed allows for deeper unfolding and awareness. I work holistically, using your body as our guide. Most come in for Jin Shin Jyutsu, which is at the core of my practice because if it’s deep and systemic effects. I tend to blend and use all of my experience and training in each session.

Jin Shin Jyutsu is a gentle art, practiced by placing the fingertips on key areas of the body to harmonize energy flow.  It does not involve massage or manipulation of muscles and tissues, nor does it diagnose.  A typical session  lasts about an hour and is done fully clothed.  The receiver lies face-up on a soft, cushioned surfaced.  After “listening” to the energy pulse in the wrists, the practitioner employs a harmonizing sequence of hand placement combinations to stimulate circulation of energy along given pathways.  It’s effects are deeply relaxing.

For SpiritBodywork, the receiver lays undressed to their undergarments under a sheet, usually starting face down.  We bring awareness to what is present in the moment, the body being the primary access point.  It can go anywhere from there, following signals and feedback from the client.  SpiritBodywork can be done without undressing or even touch, so it can be brought in at any time during a Jin Shin Jyutsu session. With new clients, I will verbalize the change.

Myofascial release is generally done on bare skin. There are many holds that can be used around loose clothing. I use this method when called for.

Process Work “unfolds” a person’s signals to assist with self-awareness. The underlying principle is that our problems are our potential wholeness. We discover what is right about it rather than what is wrong about it. Everything you need is already happening in the moment. Process Work is a paradigm that i bring to every session- the idea that what is happening is right.

All allow layers of tension to melt, improving circulation, breathing, sleep, digestion, and mood.  This allows your process to reveal itself as your body softens.

c.  Consultation:
I offer consultation at the same rate as hands-on table work. Consultation available for self-help questions and suggestions, general and specific Jin Shin Jyutsu questions and study, as well as discussion or questions about the healing process or spiritual growth and transformation. Short calls are complimentary. For more complex situations, a consultation may be indicated.

d.  What is an “intensive”?
I am a firm believer in intensives, having received dozens myself and experiencing the deep effects. An intensive is two sessions per day for 5 days in a row. Ten sessions in one week is a dynamic way to shift energy. Two intensives in a row has deeper benefit. The intensives keep “working” for months to come. They allow for deeper process to unfold.

Three or five sessions in a week has similar benefits, as energy work is cumulative.  Receiving several sessions close together continually harmonizes and allows us to change our patterns and habits that created the accumulations and attitudes to begin with.  There is a huge difference between getting 10 sessions over ten weeks and 10 sessions in one week, especially when very ill or in need. Our environment is chock full of toxins, both energetic and physical. Most people’s lifestyles are so imbalanced that one intensive a year helps to begin to clear this stress.

Getting away from your normal routine, responsibilities and environment can add to the depth of the experience. For those committed to healing a deep or critical illness, making new life choices, or simply coming in for their yearly spring cleaning, intensives can be beneficial.